[UPGRADED] Shoe Organizer – Adjustable Display Closet Space Saver

$29.87 (as of November 29, 2018, 9:40 am)

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What is Clever Shoe Storage Solution ?

Meet your new space saving solution – Sloe Slots – your new closet hero helping you double your closet space by stacking shoes in a clean, organized and easily accessible manner.

Sloe Slots have a 4 level height adjustment feature to make them fit any shoe or heel, so say goodbye to untidy and messy storage spaces.

Enjoy a less cluttered closet with double the room! Ideal for any space – dorm rooms, children’s closets, small closets; anywhere you wish to organize your shoes and still have plenty of space leftover!

Why do you need Sloe Slots?

Forget about the hassle of digging through a messy pile of shoes looking for your favorite heels.

Feel the satisfaction of having 200% more storage space, always have your shoes visible and easily accessible by using Sloe Slots – stacking your shoes one on top of the other without getting them dirty or damaged ! Enjoy the best of both worlds !

Built to last –

Sloe Slots are made of sturdy and durable plastic to hold your shoes for years.

They also have a non-slip upper surface to provide a great grip for your shoes soles.

Easy to clean –

Don’t worry if your dirty running shoes mess up your FIX shoe slots, it’s really easy to clean them, just use some water and soap or all purpose cleaner and let them dry so they’re ready for the next pair.

Choose your style –

Choose between our 3 beautiful colors or get yourself a variety pack for a stylish and elegant shoe rack.

Shoe lovers best friend –

We all store a lot of shoes, however, having 200% extra space is the perfect excuse to buy more shoes!

Great gift idea –

The perfect gift for your friend that has a million shoes and they’re always a hot mess, they will love these and thank you forever !

More Storage Room Shoe Slotz
Restore Your shoes Shoe Slotz
Space-saving storage units Shoe Slotz
Doubles your storage space Shoe Slotz
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